Our Rustic Barn

Historic Treasure

Our barn is straight from the 1770s and you’ll find it on the National Register of Historic Places. A wealthy Philadelphia Quaker by the name of Henry Scott built the barn and lived here with his family. In 1778, the barn was burned by the Native Americans during “The Big Runaway” in the American Revolutionary War.

Soon after, the barn was rebuilt and was used until the 1980s when Luther Heim funded a restoration project. After it was restored, it was closed and boarded up for 30 years, until 2014, when Herman Logue purchased the barn.

Herman decided to choose a name dedicated to the man who preserved it, and the future of it, hence the name Herman & Luther. The farmland surrounding the barn is still farmed today – you’ll find corn, alfalfa and soy to name a few.

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